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All DVDs are region 2 and most are priced at starting bid: £1.50, buy it now: £3.00. Boxed sets are starting bid: £2.50, buy it now £5.00. Some DVDs are slightly damaged, but still able to play well, and these have a lower price. Things vanishing from the list means they have been sold.

American Dad: Series 1
American Dad: Series 2
Anastasia: Princess Edition
Cabin Fever
Daddy Day Care
DNAngel Volume 1
Fantastic 4
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Only Fools and Horses: All the Best Volume 1
Only Fools and Horses: All the Best Volume 3
Open Season
Shakespeare in Love
Trigun: Volume 1
Trigun: Volume 2
Trigun: Volume 3
Ultimate Force: Series 1
V for Vendetta


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