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RARE POKEMON ITEMS(figurines/toys, card games, etc), and more stuff to be posted soon!!
Mostly fannish stuff, mostly of Dragonball Z.

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Tons of CDs currently posted (Concrete Blonde, Beastie Boys, Fleetwood Mac, etc) for only a penny! Some junior sized jeans (9, 10 and 11 as well as more going up shortly) for only 99 cents a pair, Motley Crue vintage stickers and MUCH more. I am in serious need of money so I need to sell EVERYTHING possible and have quick payers. I will gladly combine shipping and handling to try and help save on the costs. Any questions please feel free to use the contact seller link on the eBay listing and I will gladly answer your questions!

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([personal profile] vicky_v Jul. 12th, 2009 10:00 pm)
All DVDs are region 2 and most are priced at starting bid: £1.50, buy it now: £3.00. Boxed sets are starting bid: £2.50, buy it now £5.00. Some DVDs are slightly damaged, but still able to play well, and these have a lower price. Things vanishing from the list means they have been sold.

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Hey everyone! I am in the process of listing stuff tonight. Some stuff is already up and afew things are closing tomorrow. I have Nikki Sixx picks, Motley Crue vintage bumper sticker, records of other artists and I will have TONS of junior sized jeans, shorts and some shirts. I am in a serious jam and really need the cash so please take a look, and if you like it place a bid!

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Hey everyone! Please visit my auctions some stuff is closing today and I am listing more stuff tonight (also listed some yesterday). Motley Crue brand new wall sticker with NO BIDS, Danielle Steel hardcover book with NO BIDS and more closing soon. Currently getting ready to list Bon Jovi cds, Marilyn Manson cds, Weight Watchers hardcover cook book, home accents, clothing and MUCH more. So please please PLEASE take a look and if you see something you like, PLEASE place a bid and help me reduce if not pay off my $563 debt! Thanks everyone!!!

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TONS of cds, posters, snoopy sweater, Enfamil coupons and more up for sale! I have a $563 debt to repay so wont you please take a look at my listings and buy something? More going up as I type this, if you dont see some stuff right away please check back later on because eBay is slow. THANKS!!

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Pretty much just having a clearout - DVDs, toys, cards, (unused!) makeup. I want rid, so everything starts at 99p, and I'm trying to keep postage low. More will be going over the next few days.
These items end on eBay this evening... (I have lots more listed, so check them out while you're there!)...

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